Based on a pleasant corporate environment,
Quality first principle is pursued.

Customer satisfaction is pursued
with the Products and Services that meet the customer requirements.


We sincerely welcome you to visit Kang Lim Electronics homepage.
Kang Lim Electronics is a specialized company
producing various kinds of coils such as SMD air coil, air coil, filter, choke coil, inductor, etc.
The electronic parts we produce are widely used in all fields of electronics industry
such as TV, audio, VCR, motor, and communication equipment

We are doing our best to reflect the customer's point of view
as all the employees cooperate to supply high quality and precise electronic parts.

Finally, I pray for your success and your unending development.
Representative Kim Hyeon-jong대표 김현종
Company name : Company name: KangLim Electronics.Co.,Ltd
Representative : Kim Hyeon-jong
Location : 156-7, Sodab-dong, Euichang-gu, Changwon, Kyeongnam (New address: 299th street 7, Euichang road, Euichang-gu, Changwon)
Established year : 1994. 11. 16
Patent registration : Design registration of coil structure for printed circuit board (KIPO No. 0184297, SMD CHIP AIR COIL)
Business contents : Electronic parts manufacturing